El Cielo is an Architectural and Urban Design practice founded in 2004 by Armando Hashimoto and Surella Segu. Their work has been selected to participate in the Chicago, Venice, Beijing, Seoul and Pamplona Biennials. Their projects have been published in national and international media and presented in exhibitions such as Contemporary Mexican Architecture in Australia, and México, in Italy.


Mr. Hashimoto and Ms. Segu have been professors at the Iberoamericana University, Anahuac University and Centro University. Mr. Hashimoto is currently professor at the National University (UNAM).


From 2013 to 2018, they worked at the Institute of the National Housing Fund  for Workers (Infonavit) in the Sustainability Area, where they were responsible for the generation and implementation of urban strategies and regeneration programs at national level; the development of measurement tools for housing deterioration; and comparative research of international best practices, research on the impact of programs and on communities; as well as organization of students design competitions on affordable housing, discussion forums and networking with the academia.


Ms. Segu is LOEB Fellow of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Ms. Segu and Mr. Hashimoto are currently Fellows of the National System of Art Creators in Mexico.


Since 2019, El Cielo has expanded to encompass architecture, urban planning, research and consulting projects in urban development, housing and community. Recently, they presented the Housing Urbanism Mexico, Collective Representation and its Impact in the City exhibition at the Seoul Architecture and Urbanism Biennial 2019 and The Opportunity of Scarcity exhibition at the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021.

Surella Segú

Surella Segu is a Harvard GSD Loeb Fellow, an Architect from Monterrey’s Tech (ITESM) with a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University in New York.


Surella was a Member of the National Housing Council and she is currently a Strategic Advisor for the Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Minister.


She has been a professor in several Universities in Mexico, and participated in national and international juries and workshops.


She is Co-Founder of El Cielo, with Armando Hashimoto, since 2004. El Cielo is an Urban and Architectural practice that also combines research and consultant services for governments and institutions.


From March 2013 to September 2016 she held the position as Head of  the  Urban Development Area at INFONAVIT, where she was responsible for the generation and implementation of urban strategies and regeneration programs in deteriorated housing complexes and abandoned housing nationwide; the development of measurement tools for housing deterioration; and comparative research on international best practices, as well as research on the impact of programs aimed to improving the capacities of the communities in these developments.



Armando Hashimoto

Architect from ITESM, Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, from Columbia University in New York. He was a member of the National System of Art Creators and a FONCA Young Creators Fellow.


He was professor of design studio workshop at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Anáhuac and CENTRO, where he also taught the housing policy module of the Master in Housing. He is currently a professor in the Interstitial Degree Seminar at the UNAM Architecture Faculty. He has participated in project workshops abroad, is currently a speaker in the "Best of IGLUS, Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems" course of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland.


From 2013 to 2018 he worked at INFONAVIT as Manager of Housing Quality and Manager of Inter-Institutional Collaboration of the Center for Research for Sustainable Development. From these positions, he promoted the transformation of social housing in our country by implementing programs nationwide and developing research involving architects and networking with the academy. Conceptualized and coordinated the publications Regional Single-Family Housing, the magazine Housing and What Works and What Does Not in Housing, among others.

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Urban Design, Architecture, Interiors, Exhibition Design and Exhibition Curator

Tierra | Selva | Mar, 150 private residential development, a hotel and amenities 

at a jungle site, Tulum, Mexico, 2021-to date 

The Opportunity of Scarcity, Chicago Architecture Biennial, Chicago, USA, 2021 
Study of Public Life in Public Space in the First, Second and Third Section of Bosque de Chapultepec, Bosque De Chapultepec, Mexico City, 2021

Thematic-Ethnobotanical Garden and Environmental Cultural Center, Bosque De Chapultepec, Competition, Mexico City, 2020

Remodelation, Kay Internacional, office space, Mexico City, 2020

Suhi-O Restaurant, Competition, Sonora, Mexico, 2019

Housing Urbanism, Seoul Biennale of Urbanism and architecture SBAU 2019, 

Seoul, South Korea, 2019

Community Park, National Urban Rehabilitation Program, SEDATU-UNAM,

Piedras Negras, Mexico, 2019

Sports Park, National Urban Rehabilitation Program, SEDATU-UNAM,

Piedras Negras, Mexico, 2019

The Landmark Design Competition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2019

Big Ideas for Small Lots, Competition, New York, USA, 2019

African School Project, Competition, Malawi, 2019

Rupee´s Pharmacy, programming and zoning, Santa Fe, USA, 2019

House for Post Earthquake Reconstruction Program, Ocuilan, Mexico, 2018

Strategic Master Plan for Tacubaya, Mexico City, 2016-2018

Rural house prototype, Zacatecas 2016-2017

Cuernavaca Railway competition, Mexico City, 2016

10 Most Prosperous Block in Mexico, urban consulting, México city, 2016

Curatorial and exhibition design: Piso Piloto

Mexico City - Barcelona, Mexico City, 2016

Cuautla house, Mexico City, 2012

Red Friends Run Sporting store, Mexico City, 2012

Apartment Homero, Mexico City, 2012

Sarten house, Aspen, Colorado, USA 2012

Villaseñor house, Monterrey, Mexico, 2012

Apartment Reforma 222, Mexico City, 2012

Rural House CEMEX prototype (massive produce housing), Mexico, 2011

Station 20 competition, Sofia, Bulgaria 2011

Lobby, office building Varsovia, Mexico City, 2011

Workshops space design, Pepenafest, Recycling Festival, Zocalo Mexico City, 2010

New image design for Potzolcalli restaurant chain, Mexico City, 2010

Mog restaurant, Mexico City, 2009

Kasuga house, Mexico City, 2009

Master plan for Jamaica, Gobierno del Distrito Federal, Mexico City, 2008

El Encinar pavilion, Mexico City, 2008

Golf Tower, apartment building competition, Lima, Peru 2008

Security guard booth, La Primavera, Mexico City, 2008

Plaza Bicenternario, competition, Mexico City, 2008

Lobby, office building in Lomas de Virreyes, Mexico City, 2008

Amesi, office space, Mexico City, 2008

Solidaridad, office space, Mexico City, 2008

Lomas de Virreyes, office space, Mexico City, 2008

9 apartment towers and sport complex, Xochitepec, Morelos 2007

 Land use and program strategic plan for Asociación México Japonesa, Mexico City, 2007

Punta Norte housing development, competition, Mexico City, 2007

Stand design for Philips “House of Simplicity”, with Christian Magaldi, Mexico City, 2007

Ache Producciones, office space, with Christian Magaldi, Mexico City, 2007

Housing Development in Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2007

Design annual exhibition: Ikebana Internacional, Mexico City, 2007

Daruma Parque Hundido, restaurant, Mexico City, 2007

Sai restaurant, Mexico City, 2007

Landscape: HE house, Mexico City, 2006

Mexico Japan Cultural Center, Asociación México Japonesa, Mexico City, 2006

Kay Internacional, office space, Mexico City, 2005

Exhibition design: “Mexico City Dialogues: New Architectural Practices”, Center for Architecture (AIA), New York, USA 2005

Asociación México Japonesa restaurant, Mexico City, 2004

Curatorship and exhibition design: Mexico Hot Spot,

Beijing Architectural Biennial, China 2004

Exhibition design: Ikebana Internacional. “Evolución”, Mexico City, 2004

Exhibition design: Handcrafts, Mexico City, 2004

Congress building, competition, Mexico City, 2003

Mendiola house, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2003

National Library José Vasconcelos, competition, Mexico City, 2003

Nakamura house, Mexico City, 2002

Urban Development, Architecture and sustainable housing, competition,

Guanajuato, Mexico, 2002

H(ache) store, Mexico City, 2002

Hisaki house, Mexico City, 2002

Pérez house, Merida, Mexico, 2002

García house, Merida, Mexico, 2001

Exhibitions and Awards

Chicago Architecture Biennial, Chicago, USA, 2021

Latin American Architectural Biennial, Pamplona, Spain 2019

Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Seoul, South Korea 2019

Architectural Object, Capitales, Mexico City, Mexico, 2019

One day in the life of a Loeb. Photographic exhibition at Harvard Yard,

Cambridge, Massachusetts 2018

Letters to the Mayor: Mexico City. Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Spanish Cultural Center, Mexico City, 2016

Chapultepec Gates, Mexico Japan Cultural Center, Mexico city, 2014

Architectural Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy 2014

Villaseñor House, Mexican Architecture Exhibition, Rome, Italy 2013

Villaseñor House, CEMEX award, innovation 1st place, Mexico City, 2013

Work of the Year 2013, Villaseñor House, Housing Category Finalist, Mexico, 2013

SAIE-Mexico VI International Building Exhibition, Mexico City, 2013

Villaseñor House Exhibition, Sustainable Architecture Conference, Tecnology Museum (MUTEC), Mexico City, 2012

Latin American Architectural Biennial, Pamplona, Spain 2011

ARCH-AUSMX 2010 Mexican Contemporary Architecture,

Melbourne, Australia  2010

20 Years FONCA 1989-2009 Mega Retrospective Exhibition, Mexico,  2009

Latin American Architectural Biennial, Pamplona, Spain,  2009

Creación en Movimiento, National Center for the Arts, Mexico,  2005

Creación en Movimiento, City Museum, Queretaro, Mexico,  2004

First Architectural Biennial, Beijing, China,  2004