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The Landmark Design Competition

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Our proposal for The Landmark is a celebration of the infinite possibilities that arise if we focus our creativityinto new ways of understanding our place in nature.The site, with one open side to the promenade and surrounded by buildings on its other three sides, providesa great point of reference for the pedestrians and from the water. On the other hand, the view towards theisland offers great potential for memorable vistas.


26 structures rising from the water will hold a designed ecosystem that can be supportive and supportedby the group of parks planned in the project. Plants, birds and insects thrive as mist, humidity and in somecases controlled temperature conditions are well cared for.


A coordinated system of stairs, connecting ramps and elevators take the visitors to all of the structures in anexquisite combination of physical effort, changing panoramas and ease.At night, the surreal aura of a world of natural man made construction intensifies as lit plants and structuresin height contrast with the darker sky and the skyline in a fresh breeze from the ocean.


Approaching the site either from the water or the promenade will provide a sensation of awe and positivesurprise at the realization that he cooperation of nature and human endeavor can cause the unexpected.Taking inspiration from the atmospheres of Arab traditional stories, either looking at it approaching from faraway or walking through The Landmark, it will definitely unfold in an unforgettable experience and a lastingand hopeful vision of the future.

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