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High school contest in Africa

Benga Malaui, South Africa


The proposal combines simplicity of construction, use of available materials, adaptation to site conditions, ideal orientation, functional layout, renewable energy intake and rainwater harvesting to facilitate daily activities, all in a community building relationship between closed and open spaces. The program is divided into three main groups of buildings with different degrees of independence and interaction as pertinent, depending on the activities that take place in and around them. The permeable fence allows people to see the interior activities, the main entrace receives people into the main and central plaza, where people can gather and perform community activites and also divides the school from the living area. The teachers´compound has a private atmosphere for family life.

Client: Archstorming

Place: Benga Malawi, South Africa.

Year: 2019

Total area: 10,652.45 m²

Built area: 3,025 m²


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