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Big ideas for small lots

New York, USA


What would happen if instead of designing a building, we design a system that can adapt the design idea into different site conditions? The proposal is based on a systemic mindset as the best approach to find a forward looking solution but at the same time, one that is practical and viable. We are suggesting that with this competition, New York City, has the opportunity to reclaim an innovative stance on social engagement through affordable housing that has been historically part of its architectural drive. The design system is composed of a three dimensional grid that interacts structurally with a series of added “boxes” conformed by panels of constant dimensions in order to fulfill the amount of housing units required in each specific site. As a result, the design process acquires the possibility of a simultaneous multi-site approach that renders a specific solution for several lots at once.


The solution provides 7 apartments (two studios, two 1 bedrooms and three 3 bedrooms apartments) that are organized around the front and back facades and a central open space, in a functional and efficient manner. 

Client: New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development

Place: New York, USA

Year: 2019

Total area: 1,700,698 ft²

Built area: 5,604 ft²


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